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With the support of many people...I am grateful for the daily life of Ten-Sho-An


Aug 31, 2020

We've managed to get through this summer! We took possession of Ten-Sho-An in the early spring, and we have been working to open the multipurpose family support facility little by little, including clearing out leftover items, doing major renovation work, cutting down the trees in the garden, clearing the fields, and setting up the wood stove.

It is now ready for use as a support facility, and the opening ceremony was completed the other day. However, there is still a huge amount of work to be done, including chopping firewood from the trees, burning branches and leaves and construction waste, clearing fields, organizing storehouses and warehouses, disposing of the lawn in the ceiling, and searching for forests.

The labor of many people has been and will continue to be essential. Most of them are free volunteers or work without regard for profit. Of course, the acquisition of real estate and various construction projects have cost us a good deal of money, and we have been able to get through it by the investment of many people, although it has exceeded 10 million. We are really grateful for that.

This Ten-Sho-An started as a " Everyone's Family Home Project" when I saw a page on the internet about selling off old houses, and I just clicked on it. In return for the investment, I offered free accommodation at Ten-Sho-An as interest, not as dividends.

It is the first support facility in Japan to have a family function, where people can rest, heal, and nurture each other, and where people affected by family violence can be the primary participants.  It is a " Everyone's Family Home" where people involved in family violence work together for the happiness of everyone, not for any one person in particular or for profit.

Whether you are a so-called perpetrator or a victim of domestic violence or abuse, or you have been emotionally hurt by a family member or have lost a place in your family, we would like to work with you to develop Ten-Sho-An as a multipurpose family support facility where people with various family problems can feel safe to seek support.

Mr. Koji has cultivated a field of about 130 square meters. His power is like heavy machinery.

A bonbon-clock that was broken about 30 years ago was repaired from the base by Mr. Pochiken, and the nostalgic sound was restored. Thank you.

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